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Years of experience in the consulting in logistics industry have taught us many a valuable lesson about servicing a truck – lessons we now get to pass on to our valued readers.

When asked to name the single most important consideration in the management of logistics related to the movement of freight, our answer remains unchanged: the key that unlocks the door to success is realising the importance of regularly servicing a truck. Also worth noting is that this is true regardless of whether the question pertains to a single truck or an entire fleet of trucks.

Regular Is Good

If regular servicing is good – then regular preventative maintenance is even better. A good starting point is the realisation that downtime is costly. No questions asked. A stationery truck is of no use to anyone – let alone to someone trying to build a business in logistics and freight movement and management.

In order to achieve an effective preventative maintenance plan of action, it is necessary to first establish a proper record-keeping system. An effective preventative maintenance system will not only help the maintenance manager to keep track of the type of maintenance being performed and how often, but also to literally extend the lifespan of the truck while at the same time keeping the wheels turning and avoiding unnecessary downtimes.

Since we’ve already spent so much time compiling countless preventative maintenance plans of action, we’ve by now basically perfected the art of steering our readers in the right direction when it comes to servicing a truck.

Compliance Can Be Hassle-Free

Life is too short, and time too valuable to waste time and resources trying to navigate challenges surrounding servicing a truck and local transportation compliance without the help of technology. And since we’re firm believers in the notion of there being “an app for that”, we’re advising our readers to gradually but consistently move away from a paper-based mechanical inspection system.

It never ceases to surprise us how many people even in day of affordable ultra-modern technology continue to rely on typical (outdated!) Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs). And since we full well realise the importance of regular (yes, daily) inspections, we’re not for a single minute advising our readers to skip a couple of days here and there. Instead, we’re firm believers in the power of the mobile app. And we’d be more than happy to share our experiences with mobile apps connecting automatically with fleet management software with you. 

The Trick Is To Keep It Clean

Those who have a passion for the maintenance and servicing a truck will without fail be quick to point out to anyone willing to listen the importance of “keeping it clean”.

Not only will the engine of the truck operate more effectively when kept clean, but the exterior too, will be a whole lot better off when treated to a regular wash and polish. Not to mention the image sent out into the world whenever a driver arrives in a freshly washed-and-polished vehicle.

And since we’re serious about every last aspect of servicing trucks and fleets, we’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeve about how to best go about showing the world our shiniest side first.