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Since failing to plan more often than not is equal to planning to fail, it’s quite plain to see the need for “consulting” – regardless of the industry and the specific challenges faced by those working and making a living in that industry.

Consultants are basically experts in a specific field of business or industry sharing whatever it is that they have learned – usually from 1st-hand experience – with other experts in that same field or industry. This obviously implies that those advertising their services as related to consulting in logistics had better be able to tap into a fair share of experience in everything from freight management to warehousing and inventory control.

And we are. In fact, we’re more than able.

What Do We Really Do?

In short: we know how to coordinate, direct, crisis-control, limit damages, and keep the wheels of commerce constantly turning. Also, we’re experts at conveying our experience and knowledge to our readers in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.

We’re a team of smart scrutinizers, keen problem solvers, and expert communicators. And we’re able to provide logistics advice on a wide range of topics. Not only are we able to analyze what needs to be done, and how, based on what we know and excel at, but we’re also good at applying that which we know to a variety of different scenarios.

Aspects of consulting in logistics we have a particularly keen interest in include providing information on the coaching of management and general staff, the training of warehouse-based manual-workers, the streamlining of operations in terms of cost as well as quality-on-the-clock, and the effective implementation of control measures.

We Play The Long Game

At ITC we believe in the beauty of the holistic approach when it comes to consulting in logistics. A touch-and-go approach has never been – nor will it ever become – part of our specific modus operandi. We enjoy the experience of being able to rest in the knowledge of having provided our readers with the quality of information that will help them see a process all the way through. Half-baked simply isn’t how we like to do things.

Not only are we interested in teaching people how to accurately analyse progress and efficacy in logistics, but we also hold a special torch in support of a mentor-based approach. We firmly believe that incomplete information is a great deal more dangerous than no information at all. And so we take great pride in ensuring that our information about consulting in logistics isn’t only geared at informing and instilling knowledge and skills, but also that whatever it is that we purport to know anything about – we actually really know something about. In short; we’re always able to motivate whatever it is that we preach as being logistics gospel.

We’re Not Into Burning Bridges

Since burning bridges is something else not part of our core make-up, we like to be able to elaborate on why we prefer certain methods and policies over others. We take pride in what we do, and since what we do is “information” we go to great lengths in order to ensure the accuracy of whatever it is that we present to our readers about consulting in logistics.