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So passionate are we at ITC (International Trucking Co) Laredo about freight transportation and global logistics, that instead of merely providing basic information about logistics and cargo-haul solutions, we cover everything about live trucking and long-haul logistics too.

By the same token, we prefer building life-long and sustainable relationships with readers to ensure they know everything there is to know about the industry.

We value processes that ensure safety, on-time delivery, and cultivating quality relationships with clients. Whatever the need, the challenge, or the required information – we’re here to help.

Global Logistics

We believe in global logistics done differently. To us, the very concept of ‘global logistics’, being the management of those processes involved in the acquisition of resources all the way through to delivering the goods or equipment to the final destination, is a fine-tuned art.

Whether your need relates to preparation, packaging, storage, or simply outsourcing a set of wheels in order to keep the business bus moving and arriving on time, we have the necessary information to help you meet that need.

Here at ITC Laredo we believe that if it can be called, it can be hauled.

Consulting In Logistics

Since logistics covers such a wide and extensive field, we’re constantly keeping a keen eye on how the industry adapts its logistics consulting services. This helps us pinpoint the ways that any conceivable challenge or need has a solution that can be customized and tweaked in such a way that it meets the client right where they’re at.

Whether the challenge relates to increasing productivity, expanding logistics because of rapid growth, gaining a better understanding of the customer’s needs right at product level, efficient stock management, or even procuring the best possible warehouse equipment at the best possible prices, we’re bound to have come up with the relevant information long before the challenge even presented itself.

Our team of logistics-focused consultants derive professional satisfaction from what they do. And they’re eager to share information with those interested in the process and who want to achieve the best results in their businesses.

Servicing A Truck

Stuck mulling over trying to balance the benefits of regular fleet maintenance with the costs associated with properly caring for vehicles? Then look no further, because our team of servicing experts has seen it all, is experienced in it all, and is expert at balancing it all. And we want to share that information with you.

Forget about cutting corners because of the high costs typically associated with the servicing of trucks. Since we’re long-established old hands in the business of effective servicing within the context of fleet management, you’ll hardly have the time to say, “wasted time is wasted money”, and we’ll have information on a servicing plan of action perfect for not only effortlessly meeting your every requirement, but also your pocket, so you have cash left over for recreational activities like a boat cruise or online pokies, or even a trip to Europe!

Project Cargo

It’s true, when moving unusual cargo from point A to point Z, size matters. We like to pride ourselves on our ability to assist in guiding people to find solutions to those challenges in freight not typically enjoyed or even serviced by our industry rivals.

And so, whether you’re looking to move the blade of a wind turbine or the wing of a 777 twin-engine jet, we’ve got the details on the right transportation to suit your particular need.

Every time – on time.